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  • Business partnership project.

    18 September 2016 ( #Entreprenuership )

    The problem of employment to Tanzania youth are high and increase every day. Education system provided to our country prepare youth for being employed once complete their college. All college graduate believes to be employed once finish their studies....

  • Business partnership location & budget project.

    18 September 2016 ( #Entreprenuership )

    Business partnership projects will be operating to one of Lake Zone region including Mwanza, Shinyanga, Kagera and Geita. The business ideas (plan) holder should take consideration of region listed and business ideas must be simple and clear understanding...

  • Business plan operation (Project 1)

    23 November 2016 ( #Entreprenuership )

    PROJECT IS DORMANT .Congratulations! for person submitted business idea of Selling Solar equipments and Offering Mobile Phone charging via solar energy for off grid areas.A lot of business plan received and all of them are good,but we need only one business...

  • Business Plan Operation (Project 2).

    06 February 2017 ( #Entreprenuership )

    PROJECT IS ACTIVE.Business project operating within Sese village at Magu district in Mwanza region.The business concerning with two services which are showing of football for all world league such as Laliga for Spanish,Premier league for England,Bundersliga...